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At CodyHart Environmental we specialise in environmental monitoring services and risk assessment. We monitor groundwater, surface water, leachate, methane, soil for effluent reuse, and contaminated land. CodyHart owns its own sampling equipment and ensures it is serviced and calibrated. This assures accurate and defensible results for regulatory compliance. Our knowledge and ability to prepare long-term monitoring compliance programs and to reliably implement them provides our clients with cost-effective solutions.


Our major focus is to provide our clients with independent professional services that are ethical, cost effective and regulatory compliant. CodyHart Environmental has over twenty-five years experience specialising in landfill environmental monitoring.

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CodyHart Environmental offers a range of hydrogeological services. This includes site assessment to optimise groundwater, surface water, leachate, methane, soil and sediment monitoring, and then we conduct these services for you. Find out how we can help you.

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We have worked on a variety of projects over the years. Here are a few examples.

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