Landfill and groundwater monitoring by Codyhart Environmental, Gold Coast, Australia

The major focus of CodyHart Environmental is to provide our clients with independent professional services that are ethical, cost effective and regulatory compliant.

CodyHart Environmental has over twenty-five years experience specialising in landfill environmental monitoring and management and groundwater monitoring. At the request of our clients we have provided extra services which include contaminated site monitoring of air, soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment; monitoring data files for client websites; annual regulatory compliance returns; biosolids application plans; and effluent reuse management plans.

Our people have the experience and expertise to provide a sharply focused approach to your projects. We work to bring out the best outcome for your organisation, the other relevant stakeholders and the environment. We advise practically and are pragmatic in our response ensuring that your regulatory responsibilities are met promptly, efficiently and without any hidden costs.

We are located on the Gold Coast and travel to rural or regional areas in Queensland and New South Wales. We own and maintain all of our equipment and sampling gear and are constantly striving to improve techniques and processes ensuring that client data are as accurate as possible.

Helping you protect your environment