CodyHart Environmental provides environmental monitoring services and  risk assessment to protect groundwater, subsurface soil structure, surface water (e.g. dams, creeks), air quality, plants, animals and humans.

We write the plans for you, and we travel from our Gold Coast base to provide on-site services.

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Landfill environmental monitoring services and risk assessment


Environmental monitoring services and risk assessment of landfills

Environmental monitoring services and risk assessment of landfills

Environmental risk assessment and monitoring of landfills is the major part of our business. Our recommendations and monitoring will keep you in compliance with regulatory requirements.

By having us conduct your ongoing environmental compliance requirements you can rest assured that it will be done on time, on budget and to the highest of standards. Let us do your groundwater, surface water, landfill leachate and methane monitoring, then compile and interpret the data for you.

Baseline monitoring is an important aspect when designing and building a new landfill. CodyHart Environmental has the expertise and experience in helping organisations achieve this cost-effectively with the minimum of fuss.

 We have ability in selecting parameters and analytes for water monitoring, statistical trigger values for detection monitoring, Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance (HELP) modeling, Landfill Environmental Management Plans (LEMP) and linear regression to estimate a turbidity value to match a suspended solids EPA limit.

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Compliance administration

Annual return and website monitoring data compilation to suit Council needs for landfills and sewage treatment plants is another CodyHart Environmental forte that is cost-effective from a Council perspective. This is an add-on service to our monitoring services. Experienced input avoids data entry mistakes.


Groundwater monitoring services

CodyHart Environmental specialises in low-flow groundwater sampling that is acknowledged in the international groundwater community as the method most likely to obtain accurate samples. Effective groundwater monitoring protocols, i.e., low-flow sampling techniques as used by CodyHart Environmental, reduce the risk of causing premature trigger assessment and unnecessary expense for our clients.


 Extractive industries 

CodyHart Environmental understand the importance of fulfilling groundwater and surface water compliance for the extractive industries. Mining and quarrying companies are constantly facing challenges when it comes to this area of environmental protection and CodyHart can save your business time and money.


 Contaminated sites

CodyHart conducts sampling and reporting for rural and regional hydrocarbon and pesticide contaminated sites, such as old gasworks sites, ag-spray sites and cattle dips.


 Geophysical and geological surveys 

CodyHart Environmental offer geological and geophysical services to value-add to your environmental toolset with geological mapping, rock sampling and leachate plume monitoring.



CodyHart has managed the phytoremediation of a pesticide contaminated site, which reduced remediation costs greatly. This knowledge and experience can be applied to other contaminated sites and landfill final capping.


Risk assessments

With over 25 years in helping organisations protect their environment, CodyHart Environmental has the experience to assist your organisation. From landfills to contaminated sites we can help determine the hazards and assess the likelihood and consequences of environmental impacts, including human.


 Effluent reuse schemes

CodyHart monitors the use of treated sewage effluent and biosolids on broadacre farms, and estimates application rates and nutrient budgets that justify EPA licence fee discounts.


Installation of groundwater monitoring wells/bores

CodyHart Environmental organises the tendering and installation of monitoring wells/bores in conjunction with clients. Supervision by an experienced hydrogeologist means that the monitoring well is fit-for-purpose because it is installed and screened at correct levels, cleaned out, and its recharge rate assessed to determine groundwater flow rate and monitoring frequency.